We want to give you the tools and resources you need to stay up-to-date, passionate and confident in your care of women and their families.
You have the power to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your patient's lives, and we want to help empower you to do just that.


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🦄 Unicorn Nurse: 

(noun ) A nurse that believes that what they do is important, has lasting impact and is determined to make a difference in their patients lives and on their unit no matter how much the struggle is real.

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Get access to all the trainings, CEs, workbooks, community and group calls each month!



Get everything in the group mentorship PLUS personalized growth plans, regular 1:1 support through phone & texting with Justine. Feeling alone & overwhelmed? This is THE mentorship for you.  Only a select number of openings available. 



We'll help find the magic in you.



GROUP Mentorship vs 1:1 Mentorship? What's the difference?

Mentorship has 2 pathways, group and 1:1. 1:1 gets everything in the group mentorship PLUS personalized, 1:1 support from Justine herself - unlimited texting, multiple calls/month, our exclusive Living Your Best Life (LYBL) modules + more! Click below to see full comparison.


Each month on the first of the month, a module will open for you to access & learn. All trainings are at your own pace & online.  Then, you'll join your group call with your mentor for added support!  

4 TRIMESTERS of Trainings!

Registration is officially open for YOU and we're SO excited! Sign up now, access your welcome packet, and your first month will begin October 1st! Each month is a different module & call - it's like OB Christmas!


"There is NOTHING out there like this. I was hesitant bc I am experienced but I am so glad I joined. I am learning things that I literally have never learned in my 6 years experience and it has totally shifted my perspective for the better. Thank you so much for this program, it has been the boost I needed."

"This was an amazing motivator for me. I was feeling burnt out and questioning my "why", but after this section, I feel energized and excited to go to work once again!"

"I really enjoyed the layout of the first month. All content was clustered and organized well. Everything was easy to follow and the binder/printables were great."

"Thank you both once again to guide, encourage, teach and empower each an every everyone one of us. This mentorship couldn’t have come in a better time. Gracias"

"100% worth the time and money! I adore Justine and Sarah so much!!"

"Walked in and got report on this patient right at change of shift 🥴 The baby had been tachy and having recurrent lates for over an hour, mom was afebrile, gbs -, sve was 5/100/-2, her pit was turned off and she was started on atbs for suspected IAI (or chorio) and I felt SO prepared for this moment after this month's modules!! I felt competent in reassuring her, explaining the whys and how's, and that her and her babys safety was the main priority, all on top of pooping myself basically, calling all the peeps, prepping for urgent section And thank you baby Jesus that baby came out screaming with apgars 8/9 But I wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU, while my bowels were freaking out I felt composed and prepared for educating my patient and making quick moves to the OR"


Space is limited & FIRST COME! We can't wait to watch you grow & FLOURISH as CONFIDENT nurses!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Decide which mentorship is right for you! There are two options: group mentorship and 1:1 mentorship. 
2) Click the SIGN UP button on this page to be take to the product page.
3) Add to cart. 
4) Accept the terms, pay.
5) All set! You'll be taken to an intake form. This is so that I (Justine) can get to know you and prep for our calls! You'll be prompted to take a video of yourself :) We know, it's not easy! But we are here to push you outside your comfort zone in a safe place. You're safe here - no judgement. We'll work this into your 1:1 mentorship. 
6) Then, you'll get access to the site with all the things! Click around, download your welcome packet, watch the welcome video and get ready for launch! 
7) That's it! Schedule your 1:1s (if you're not in group) and/or be prepared for month 1 to open on your scheduled date! 
Hollaaaaa LET'S DO THIS. 
THE BBN Mentorship program is ideally for newer nurses (< 2 yrs experience in L&D) who are feeling lost, unsupported and want to take their practice to the next level and be the absolute best they can be at work and in life. You get all the things: the full workbook, monthly 1:1 calls with Justine, action plans & templates, monthly nursing training, access to the community page, unlimited texting with Justine, and 3, 30-min debrief calls. 
Group Mentorship is for those of you that maybe don't want all the personalized support, but want the education (and CEs) that we have created for this program. You will have access to the trainings, a workbook, access to the community page and one group zoom call/month for group mentorship. 
Click HERE to download a full comparison of the two.

Everything is hosted online on your bundle birth nurse portal (we use Kajabi). You'll find your workbook download, classes, assessments, resource downloads & community page!


Make sure to download the KAJABI app so you can watch on your phone!

Yes!! You can be anywhere! All trainings are online, at your own pace. All calls are via Zoom. 

Registration is open for 1 month every 3 (or so) months. Space is limited and first come, first serve. Your cohort is the group of nurses you will be learning and growing with during this mentorship! 

All sales are final and per the terms, you agree to pay for all months you purchase. Monthly pricing is a courtesy to make the program more affordable, instead of purchasing all upfront. If there is a time where your membership is cancelled, access to the modules will be revoked. 

Maximum 24 hours, but as soon as humanly possible! You're at Justine's fingertips!

Yes!! You will definitely see/hear from her throughout, and she will do her best to pop onto group calls to offer her insight/teaching as she is available! Priority attendance is to the 1:1 mentees. 

We have created an exclusive online Bundle Birth Nurses community page. Here we will facilitate discussions, find extra resources and you can contribute to it!! This will be a growing and evolving place to find added resources, learn from other nurses, contribute to each other's practice and connect! 

Absolutely! If you are a nurse of color email [email protected] and tells us you are interesting in our BIPOC pricing. 
*BIPOC pricing can not be combined with any other promo code. 

Check with your hospital to see if they have educational money you can apply to the program! 

All education is also 100% tax deductible- give it to the government or invest it in your learning!


Group mentorship: $189 paid monthly for 12 months for a total of $2,268.



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